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Use Magister convention here?

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Posted 2020-December-09, 13:28

Since I picked up a computer bridge program, I have been playing/learning Polish Club (wj05). This sequence came up: 1-1;1-2;3-6NT.

Partner had Kx KTxx Axxx Qxx, and while 6NT fortunately made, 6 was the best contract (4-4 fit because I was 5341 shape).

I don't have the option to change Magister, but with only 4 Hearts and 12 HCP should the robot have even used it here rather than 2NT or 3NT? If the robot uses 2NT, does 3 show 18+ points, 5-4 either way in Spades and Diamonds?

Thanks for the help.
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Posted 2020-December-09, 15:30

Yes I agree, without a 5th heart and with at least sort-of stops in both minors, Magister seems pointless.
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